Health Benefits of Cupping Therapy — Regain Self-Confidence & Get Rock Every Day

You might be the one who’ve heard it for the very first time or maybe not but you’ll be surprised to know that this therapy isn’t a new name but goes back to ancient Chinese culture. It has been around for centuries but recently it had made a huge impact on athletes, celebrities, gymnasts, etc. Some of the famous names are Alex Naddour, Justin Bieber, David Arquette, Michael Phelps, etc.

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How does it work on your Body?

An acupuncturist or a cupping therapy specialist soak a cotton ball in alcohol and lit it inside a glass cup. As soon as they remove the flame they quickly place the cup on their skin to create a vacuum inside the cup. It draws up the skin tissue as soon as the air inside starts getting cooled causing contraction.

The real Benefits of Ancient Therapy:

The stretching and contraction of skin in this therapy actually trigger blood flow in the body. As reported by Houman Danesh, M.D., an assistant professor of anesthesiology and rehabilitation medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, “Blood flow is the body’s way of natural healing. Increased blood flow can be beneficial to jumpstart or restart a blunted healing response.” The process of withdrawing blood from vessels into tissues let the body think that it’s been injured. As soon as the body detects this therapy it starts transporting antibodies to the area of injuries thus triggering an inflammatory response in the body.

Thus, it helps to fight pain-based conditions such as lower back pain, plantar fasciitis, chronic neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and fibromyalgia. And for athletes, it helps repair muscle fibers which may be damaged in their tough workouts.

Risks associated with Cupping Therapy:

There are minor risks which involve hickey like bruises on your skin but not very painful. Its just the flow of blood from vessels into tissues and may leave a mark due to damaged blood cells. Otherwise, there are no major risks associated with the therapy.

You can definitely give it a shot to relieve your pain, muscle ache and see how it amazes your body.